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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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ill address multiple things. we anticipate having additional muni service during major events. there will be five shuttle routes directing them to transportation getting them to bus lines up to marin, out to the ferry service, out to caltrain. we're looking at adding additional car stock so you have all the muni lines working in there and improvements to the rail station and the rail lines that cross over to allow flexibility so if something breaks down we can get a new car in there quickly and installing changeable signs that you see on entrances and "go park here" and when driving get them to the parking structures as quickly and possible so they're not doing loops around the block. with that said we recognize some people will drive to the site so there will be about 950 parking spaces on the
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site below ground or screened. there is also 130 spaces directly to the north and the existing 450 south street parking garage can be use for the employee parking and also the warriors are actively talking. there are a lot of parking structures for the surroundings uses as well as what is going up in the lot with the giants projects which are primarily used during office hours and the larger events with the warriors is at weekends and nights and one, we don't have parking structures not utilized, and it spreads out the cars so they're not going to the same entrance at the same time. finally this list all the things that we're going to address. we will be looking at parking control officers, make being sure that the intersection are
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safe and pick up and drop off for buses and taxis and bikes and we will refine this process as we work through it. i will take my break for a second. so as i mentioned we have been doing a comprehensive outreach process to date and we look forward working with the community working on the project. as a group for the mission bay the advisory committee held six meetings throughout the process as well as a saturday workshop and environmental scoping meeting. we know at the planning commission last month doing a similar workshop as today and the warriors and the cities have been out reaching to stakeholders and regular meetings with them and biotech other local neighborhoods. my understanding is theo has been setting up camp at some of the
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residential. i hear he's out there anytime they call so we have been getting good feedback that the warriors are engaging with the people. with that said we want to move forward and get the comments and concerns out and addressed early on. so part the -- so far the comments are with parking and event management and crowd control and trash pick up and construction impacts. with our other mission bay projects they're required to comply with the equal opportunity employment program and have been working with the staff on the project. due to the scale of the project it's bigger than a typical mission bay project. we estimate will it offer 50 opportunities for professional service traits and a pretty
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massive task they did with outreach and hiring. they started with qualifications in may and received 380 firms that responded and 38% are sbe's and followed up with a request for proposal process and in the phase and it's such a large under taking it's being done in a two phase process and so far awarded to 19 sbe's and based on the current trends the project is on target to meet the sbe goal and with minority and woman owned firms. this slide gives a sense of some of the contracts, many of who are here today. during construction phase the warriors are committed to
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meeting the goals and contracts. >> >> goals and prevailing wages and work force hiring goal. also because of they exceed 25,000 square feet of commercial there are required to comply with the city's first force hiring requirement working with the economic development development and gives priority to entry level employment and 50% filled by san francisco residents and we have already engaged with oewd on that process. while the project is allowed under the redevelopment plan the arena is a use not originally anticipated under the environmental review for the project so we're under taking a subsequent environmental report. ocii is considered the lead
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average under the contract and we will come to you with the eir and come to you in spring and into the fall of next year. because we don't have the eir and don't have the clearance we will have workshops with you because we can't take official action and we will bring back the eir certification and bring everything back at that time. so next steps going forward. we have the major phase workshop today. we're starting immediately into the schematic design and working with the cac over the next months to flush out the look of the remaining parcels including the landscaping so we will be back in front of you and the planning commission probably in the next three months to do another round of workshops where we get into the actual look of all of the buildings, not just the arena. we mentioned the draft eir
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released in the spring and the certification process coming back in the fall and at that time we will do the package approval process. there is also a lot of other moving pards that go along with this process. some of those going on. the park to the east is p22 and a public park under the mission bay plan but we're starting that design process now that we know what is happening with the arena. any day now we will start the process and come back with schematic designs probably midthis year. we are working on the tm t. there is fiscal analysis going on and the cost for services and financing. there are subdivision requirements for the site and we're coordinating with others and the mission bay neighborhood association and privately funded to make sure there is proper event management once the arena is up and running so that
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concludes our presentation. i appreciate your patience with this but we wanted to be thorough with the presentation. we mentioned a lot of the people. again i want to state this has been a collaborative process with our city partners and excited to work with them and the warriors and the community has been a great partner. with that i would like to thank you and we're all available for questions. >> thank you. protect that voice. do we have any speaker cards on this councilmember? >> madam chair we have eight speaker cards. >> okay. please call them. >> members of the public please come to the podium in the following order and please state your name and spell it for our records. mr. jim lazarus. >> good afternoon commissioners. jim lazarus with the san francisco chamber of commerce. happy new year happy
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new year. >> happy new year happy new year. >> an exciting project, a very informative presentation. i think a lot of us are on the one hand sorry that the restoration of pier 30-32 didn't go forward with the arena because it's such an important mara time asset for the port and the city but this is certainly a great location. like at&t park this event center will be an anchor in mission bay like at&t park has been in the northern sector. with the giants project to the north it will tie together retail, commercial, residential activities that will be the heart and the sowfl the new mission bay. from a staff point of view and commission point of view i hope that this agency will push the developer, the consultants, your own staff, other city departments to
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approve this project as expeditiously as legally possible. this is a huge economic engine for san francisco. this isn't replacing an existing economic engine. this is new jobs and visitor activities for the city. san francisco is the only one that doesn't have a arena and facility. you have to look across the street. 1915 is our arena. you can hold the democratic convention there in 1920 but not today and not even in bhos moscone center where he held it before so this provides opportunities for events, world class performances and world class sporting events and provides great transportation alternatives whether it's
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ferry, water, foot, bike, and transit. we're lucky that our public officials stood behind the central subway project when it was under attack a few years ago. my goodness it has a straigz at the front door of this site. train and rail will bring opportunities for people to come three or four blocks to the site and we look forward to the chamber and the business community working with the warriors and this agency and other departments to move this project very quickly. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the next person is bower ag it. >> [inaudible] >> pretty good. good afternoon. commissioners. i am
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bruce agit it and a resident of mission bay and board member of the neighborhood association. impersonally a big supporter of the arena project and look forward to the warriors coming home for the start of the 2018 season. it plan looks great. the team got input and i am confident it will be taken under krrksz and incorporated into updated versions of the plan. we look forward to the associate d retail and restaurants that will add to the character of mission bay. with that said all development projects must have a complementary transportation plan and critical that transportation planning including pedestrian, bike, walking, parking and transit is in place so the project ask accommodate the event a
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attendees by minimizing the impacts to us in the neighborhood. i am optimistic that the warriors reached out early and often to get concerns and gather input. although they're making a lot of progress there is still work to be done. as a back drop and with respect to the event center the neighborhood center has identified several recommendations and focus on transportation and transit. this work is done through the waterfront transportation assessment formerly. specific to muni neighborhood wide we are waiting on the implementation of the 55 line and mission bay which is planned for implementation this month. the line into mission bay which is still to be determined. the embarcadero along the waterfront with weekend service in 2015 and full service in 2016 and possible extension through mission bay and dog patch.
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finalize the plans for rincon hill bus service and the subway plan for 2019 so there is still a lot in progress and a lot to be done and then what is needed to accommodate the event center. that is the incremental add and we look forward working with all of these groups and our colleagues at dog patch and potrero hill to make sure a plan is funded and finalized. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> gina gorman. >> good afternoon. i am gina gorman. i'm the general manager of [inaudible] a high rise in mission bay. i am here to commend the warriors on the extensive outreach to the community. they have been diligently working out to communities and assisting on answering questions. their team has of -- gather
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the a lot of input from the residents and provide regular updates at mission bay cac and they are working with the community and we're excited to have them as our future neighbors. thank you. >> thank you. >> the next speaker is neil bushman. >> good afternoon. i am neil usman and i'm a resident at the madrone and lived there two and a half years. as an avid sports fan i am thrilled to welcome them to mission bay. i think the design is spectacular and how they have worked with the community on all aspects of the community . on a selfish note in addition to enjoying the events i am looking forward to walking my dog in the area and enjoying what this will bring
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to mission bay. thank you. >> thank you. >> next person is corine woods. >> good afternoon madam chair, commissioners, tiffany. i am corine woods and chair the mission bay advisory committee and previously a member of the arena cac for the pier 30-32 project so i have spent more than two years looking at the warriors. this process through the cac with the koongz of oewd, plan -- everybody, m ta has been collaborative and positive. the outreach to the community has been extensive. the questions,
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concerns are being collated and we hope to have them all addressed. i think for those of us who are -- who have been for the last 13 years impacted by the ballpark a lot of the same issues that we brought up with the 3032 arena still apply and that is traffic congestion. how do you get cars away from the arena so there's not a glut of traffic of muni that gets in the way? the warriors call it event management. we call it quality of life. we want to make sure there's adequate funding which there isn't for the stadium to deal with these quality of life issues, including traffic, transportation, trash clean up, all of these things. one of the
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things that catherine put on the next steps list was addressing those very issues, and while they don't have anything directly to do with the major phase application they will have to do with the approval process. we're also concerned about making sure that this project doesn't take over the neighborhood. we have spent a lot of time working on designs for p-22, bay front park. we know that with the arena there it will have to change. we want to acknowledge the presence of the arena but we don't want it to be an arena park. we want it to be a mission bay park so working on that process this year is going to be really important to all of us. we've got good community feedback, good participation, and we will look forward to working with you all. thanks. >> thank you. >> the next person is paul
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takama. >> madam chair, commissioners, director bohee. i am assistant vice chan los of ucsf. we welcome our new neighbors to mission bay. we join the city in celebrating the return of the warrior franicize to the city and county of san francisco. in addition to bringing this sports nz franchise to san francisco will it bring dining and entertainment options in an area of the city that it doesn't exist. as many of you know we are working with the warriors and the city to address issues concerning traffic and security and access to the hospitals and research campus. we have maintained a presence at mission bay since 999 when we broke
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ground on the ucsf campus. for the last decade mission bay is a vibrant campus and technology hush. today we have a daily population of 4,000 faculty and staff and patients and visitors. on february 1, 2015 mission bay will be the home to san francisco's new hospital in 30 years in mission bay. this complex, the new medical center will consist of three state of the art hospitals, the children's hospital,. the cancer baker hospital and the irene moore womens' hospital. we anticipate the number of staff at mission bay to be approximately 3,000 employees as well as approximately 5,000 physicians. the childrens
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hospital of san francisco will offer all pediatric specialties and a roof top hella pad and a pediatric emergency department and we expect it to be 30 visits a day and many by ambulance. [inaudible] at the new childrens hospital of san francisco will be approximately between 2600 to 27000 babies. it's important to us that the patients, faculty and staff. >> >> have 24/7 daily access not only to the emergency room but other facilities as well. we look forward to continuing the dialogue with the warriors and -- [inaudible] access to our facilities is assured. we are an open campus and [inaudible] act responsibly and seek assurances like other neighbors
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that security and safety are assured. the police department and medical center security staff will coordinate with the san francisco police department. we also understand there should be an overlap between the san francisco giants and the golden state warriors and concerns and traffic impacts in the area when the giants are playing and other concerts are -- [inaudible] we have at the advisory meetings but we request to you -- [inaudible] to address the process. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the next person is shannon walton. >> good afternoon. commissioners. i am shaman
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walton. executive director of young community developers. i want to start off my comments that saying obviously the warriors have been listening to the communities. they obviously have continued to listen to communities and continued to pay attention to the conversation around what to do to make sure that we have this world class facility in mission bay. i'm excited about this project not only because of the hundreds of jobs that will be provided during construction and after construction of the stadium, not only about the fact that the city will have a world class venue that we can host events in the that support the local businesses and the economies and but i am excited about the work they're doing in our communities, work that i can speak of first hand so over the first year with the inclusion of the play offs in this season the warriors have been responsible
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for providing over 50 temporary employment positions for the bay view community and continued during this season. the residents provided game day and preparation services so not only have they been enjoying working for the favorite bay area basketball team but received payment and the resources needed to bring home to families. in addition to provisions of these positions the gotten state war -- warriors provided services and mitigation services and participants for the building trades in san francisco, help with drivers license fees to get people back on track to maintain proper employment and funding certificated training so people
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get the skills they need to work on the positions. this assistance and mitigation assistance and helped place 60% of our participants is exciting about working with the warriors so far. they have already committed to the local hire standards that we have here in san francisco without being coerced, without being pushed. they came to the table with saying they would focus on local hire and beginning positions which is very important and the warriors have been committed working with other cbo's to support enhancing lives here in san francisco so i of course speak on behalf of the work with ycd but there are others they have done tremendous work with and supported over the past year. this is prior to of
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course arrival in san francisco and they have paid attention to some of the things and concerns that have been express said and i am excited about having the team here in san francisco. >> thank you. >> >> thank you. >> the next person is ace washington. >> good afternoon commissioners. happy new year happy new year. >> happy new year happy new year. >> or is it new year? i don't know about happy so i am here setting the parallel let make no mistake warriors i am here supporting you but i am here talking about the fact s and the figure s and the history. now mission bay going -- [inaudible] there was a black man in head of the project, mr. jim jefferson. okay. he died two years after that but that same black man was the creator of the jazz
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preference vaigz district so the history is here. you all talk about what you all dedicate to all the community and the city, but in my part of the city [inaudible] we don't get no cac, no justice from all of the big developers but that has to change. see the thing about -- not you all but redevelopment left us naked in the field. excuse my expression. i am up here looking like this [inaudible] cast and confusion. the thing that is going on right here ladies and gentlemen and i know i am not off the track because i am here supporting that, but the real deal is we as african-americans, black negroes, however you want to pin us, we are in a state of emergency. i don't care which way you look at ti'm a father
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and great grandfather and come to the commissioners and scared to see you. that is when the newsom administration came to the western edition and closing us down with the cac. let's talk about the history of the cac. the cac came to fruition because the western edition we had no [inaudible]. willie brown put it together but ladies and gentlemen here in 2014 i am standing here as the fillmore corridor ambassador, and i am here to say this is a new era in san francisco. tell ed lee he better listen and i have known the man for 30 years. the history is so rich here that you call the city by the bay but i have to say you can have all of the history and the tall buildings and come down to it and social media this is the
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city -- the most racist city in the country and i am not faulting you all and you're just part of it. i have been 60 years old. the cac and the outreach and ploy that every production used in the city but the outreach we going to make sure that every project in the city supports the fillmore because we're the first monones of urban renewable and now it's negro removable. >> thank you. >> the next person is dennis mackenzie. >> thank you commissioners and director. i am dennis mackenzie, diamond kltding and education and teach in the san francisco public high schools also. i will read the letter i gave to you and also for the public my proposal is on my
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website "rowrnd the" i'm requesting that the commission consider this proposal, warriors multi-purpose arena as an opportunity to invest in the entire san francisco community including schools, families and loabl businesses and for generations to come. i'm asking that you work together with all the san francisco government agencies, the warriors and local businesses and nonprofit organizations in order to initiate and establish a nonprofit foundation specifically dedicated to raise funds to support the successful design implementation and long-term operations of a professional sports business, education, public private partnership. that is to say that this to build a model warriors arena high school classroom inside the arena would be well worth the investment, provide year round education and career development programs


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